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General conditions of sale - Shipping Info

The offer, sale and any related activity on www.cardiosox.it (hereinafter Cardiosox.it) are governed by the General Conditions of Sale

Every single product purchased on Cardiosox.it is sold directly by CALZIFICIO ALL SOCKS SRLS

For any information request, you can contact our Customer Service

Cardiosox.it can be contacted by e-mail info@cardiosox.it or by telephone at +39 +39 3889569212

For any other legal information, consult the sections: Privacy Policy, General Conditions of Use and the Right of Withdrawal (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005) contained in this chapter.




1. The commercial policy of Cardiosox.it

a) Cardiosox.it, which operates as a seller, offers goods and/or services for sale by carrying out its e-commerce activity only and exclusively towards those final subjects who can be identified as " consumers ". They can be natural persons and/or legal persons ;

b) These general conditions of sale are only applicable to the offer, forwarding, acceptance and consequent fulfillment of orders for the purchase of goods and/or services on Cardiosox.it;

c) The general conditions of sale of Cardiosox.it do not apply to goods and/or services sold by third parties that are present on Cardiosox.it. We invite you to pay the utmost attention in verifying with whom you are concluding the purchase of goods and/or services and ascertaining the relative conditions of sale, as Cardiosox.it is absolutely not responsible for the purchase and what follows from goods and services. /or services performed by users of Cardiosox.it with third parties.

2. Stipulate a contract with Cardiosox.it via the web

a) To make a purchase on Cardiosox.it via the web, you must complete the order form in electronic format and send it to the seller following the instructions provided;

b) The order form will contain:

1) Link to the General Conditions of Sale containing the details for the right of withdrawal;

2) Indication of the product, product code and link to it;

3) Price;

4) Privacy Policy.

The language for concluding the contract is Italian .

c) The aforementioned contract must be considered concluded once it has been sent electronically. Before sending , please carefully check the data entered. If there are errors and/or omissions you will be asked to make corrections and/or additions.

d) Before completing the purchase of the goods and/or services, you can read and download the General Conditions of Sale, which also contain information relating to the Right of Withdrawal, and the Privacy Policy through the links on the order form. The completion of the order and the consequent sending by telematic means will implicitly involve the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale active on Cardiosox.it. If you do not agree in whole or in part with some of our conditions of sale, please do not complete the purchase and do not send the relevant form.

e) Once the contract has been sent, Cardiosox.it will take charge of your purchase order. The order form sent by you will be kept in our database for the period of order fulfillment and in accordance with the law.

f) Cardiosox.it reserves the right not to proceed with your purchase order if there are:

1) Unavailable products;

2) Lack of solvency guarantee;

3) Incomplete and/or incorrect data.

It will be the concern of Cardiosox.it to inform you by email and/or by telephone that your order has not been completed, specifying the reasons.

If for any reason the products for sale on Cardiosox.it are no longer available, it will be the concern of Cardiosox.it to inform you of any unavailability within 30 ( thirty ) days starting from the day after the order is sent. Cardiosox.it will also offer you an alternative if available. In the absence of alternatives and/or your refusal to accept the proposed alternative, if your order is already paid, Cardiosox.it will take care of refunding the amount you advanced.

No responsibility can be attributed to Cardiosox.it in case of unavailability of products.

g) Sending the order form confirms your knowledge and unconditional acceptance, as well as the General Conditions of Sale, the General Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Right of Withdrawal.

h) Once Cardiosox.it has received your purchase order, you will be sent an e-mail containing a summary of all the essential information of your order as well as links that allow you to access the Conditions general terms of Sale, Right of withdrawal and Customer Service.

5. Warranty and Price

a) The goods and/or services offered for sale on Cardiosox.it are of first quality and are all purchased by Cardiosox.it from suppliers selected for reliability and quality .

b) The products and/or services on sale on Cardiosox.it are not used, irregular or of lower quality standards than the market.

c) For each item and/or service there is a description and/or image. Any differences between images and colors from reality may depend on the browser used for navigation and/or your monitor.

d) The price of each good and/or service may be subject to continuous updates. Please always check before placing an order. It is understood that what is authentic, in case of discrepancy, are the web pages published on www.cardiosox.it;

e) In Cardiosox.it items may be offered for sale on occasion as they come from exhibitions and/or fairs. It will be the concern of Cardiosox.it to indicate it also in the description of the article.

f) In the sale of vintage garments, the fact that they are used and/or worn is part of the peculiarity of the garment itself. Cardiosox.it will clearly indicate this within the item description.

g) If you exercise your right of withdrawal, Cardiosox.it has the right not to accept the return of products that have been altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics or that have been damaged.

6. Method of payment

To pay for goods and/or services and related shipping costs, we invite you to choose the methods that Cardiosox.it offers you in the order form and which you will find illustrated below.

a) Orders with delivery in Italy

- Credit Card (American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard circuits)


- Bank transfer

- Installment payment with finance

- Cash on delivery

b) Orders for delivery abroad

- Credit Card (American Express, Diners, and Visa and Mastercard circuits)


- Bank transfer

The individual payments and their characteristics and rules are detailed below.

Your card details are managed directly by Banca Sella SPA specialized in the management of online payments. The information is encrypted using 2048-bit encryption systems (SSL) which prevent its use by third parties and is sent directly to the bank.

The Staff of Cardiosox.it is able to see such data with the exception of the card number and its expiry date.

By paying by credit card, it is possible to send the goods to an address other than that of the order holder.

We reserve the right to make all the requests necessary to verify the authenticity of the card 's ownership to the bank issuing the card, just as we reserve the right to carry out checks directly with the cardholder as well.

This activity requires approximately 5 (five) working days and until a positive response from the bank, the order is considered suspended. Only after a positive response will the order be processed and delivered.

Cardiosox reserves the right to request by fax the front and back of the credit card and/or a valid document to integrate and/or speed up the checks.

In the absence of a copy of the requested document, Cardiosox.it reserves the right not to process your order and cancel it.

Payments via Paypal

The free sending of payments via Paypal will take place by supporting the personal account on Paypal, for more information click here

Payments by bank transfer

Using this payment method , the goods will be shipped only after verifying that the exact amount has been credited to our current account.

The description to be reported on the bank transfer must indicate: the order number, the name and surname of the originator.


Before making the payment, we advise you to inform yourself accurately through the Customer Service on the availability of the goods.

Cardiosox.it will check the effective availability of the goods ordered within 24 hours following the material crediting of the sum to the account of Cardiosox Abbigliamento srl.

On average, the reclaimed amount is credited to the beneficiary's c/c no earlier than 3/5 working days from the date of execution of the same.

For any delays in crediting and consequent postponements in order fulfillment, no responsibility can be attributed to Cardiosox.it.

If within 8/10 days of making the payment will not be credited, the order will be canceled and communication will be given by email.

Cardiosox.it assumes no responsibility for any exhaustion of availability in the period of time between the confirmation of Customer Service, the successful transfer and the material crediting to the Cardiosox.it current account.

These are the bank details:

- BCC AGROBRESCIANO IT 81 T 08575 11205 000 000 240795 SWIFT ICRA IT RR FZ0

For transfers from foreign countries the amount of the order must be increased, due to transfer collection costs, by EURO 20 for non-EU transfers

Cash on delivery payments

Cash on delivery means payment in cash to the courier upon delivery of the products.

The courier only accepts the exact amount of the order (it is not possible to have the change).

For payment on delivery there is an additional cost also indicated in the online order form.

If your order is made up of several items and/or the amount of the order itself exceeds 600.00 (six hundred/00) euros, Cardiosox.it reserves the right to request an advance to confirm the order on the 30th % of the total amount (or higher percentage for larger amounts or presence of exclusive and/or special items) by bank transfer or Paypal.

The order will be processed only after the material crediting of the percentage requested in order confirmation to the bank account or Paypal account . The remaining amount must be paid in cash upon delivery.

No responsibility can be attributed to Cardiosox.it for delays in the delivery of the order and/or any unavailability of the goods which occurred between your order and the crediting of the sum confirming it .

In cases where a percentage is requested for your order to confirm it , the check on the effective availability of the goods will be performed the day following the crediting of the requested percentage.

In the case of amounts equal to or greater than EUR 1000.00 (one thousand/00) payment is ONLY permitted by cashier's check made payable EXCLUSIVELY to the courier.

A copy of the check must be sent in advance by fax to the courier who will contact you a few days before delivery to provide you with the fax number.

The courier will carry out the correct checks to ascertain the goodness and validity of the title.

In case of a negative result, your order will be canceled and you will be informed by email.

Cardiosox.it is not responsible for the outcome of the check on the securities carried out by the courier.

We do not accept payments with Postal Bulletins.

Collection at Cardiosox

It is possible to collect your online purchases directly at our store, subject to confirmation from us via email or phone call. In these cases it is possible to make the payment directly at the cash desk, communicating the order number made online, before issuing the receipt.

ATTENTION: when the order is ready for collection you will be contacted by our customer service. We therefore invite you to always wait for our phone call or email to collect your order.

7. Public bodies

If the purchase is made by a public body, upon specific request Cardiosox Abbigliamento srl will be able to issue an invoice in favor of the body in order to proceed with the payment.

The public body must then immediately send the documentation of the payment so that Cardiosox Abbigliamento srl proceeds with the order of the requested goods/goods without waiting for the crediting of the sum to the current account.

For more information, you can contact our customer service.

8. Promotion codes and discount codes

The percentage or sum indicated in all promotional and/or discount codes relates only to the goods.

Shipping costs are excluded from the application of promotional and/or discount codes unless expressly indicated.

Cardiosox.it reserves the right to eliminate a discount or promotional code, upon notice to the customer, if due to a technical error it is not applicable to the order placed.

9. How your products are delivered

To find out the specific shipping and delivery methods for the products, please read carefully what is indicated in the order when choosing the courier and the email that will be sent to you when the goods are shipped.

For any information, please visit the Customer Service section.

The conditions indicated are intended as an integral and substantial part of these General Conditions of Sale and are therefore deemed to be fully known and accepted by you at the time of sending the order form . Delivery is on the ground floor in front of the main entrance of the house.

Any deliveries to the floors must be agreed in advance at the time of the order with the Cardiosox.it customer service and are intended as a payment (amount to be quantified on a case-by-case basis).

For any delivery delays attributable to the courier, no responsibility can be ascribed to Cardiosox.it.

The goods are shipped by express courier (at the discretion of Cardiosox.it) within 2 working days of payment, unless expressly indicated in the product sheet.

Deliveries take place on working days.

The courier will deliver the goods in 48/72 working hours and if the delivery attempts are unsuccessful, your order will return to the Cardiosox.it warehouse.

The costs are specified, according to the weight and dimensions, within the shopping cart.

It is possible to request delivery to the floor through the porterage service of the SGT courier, communicating to customer assistance the floor on which to make the delivery and if there is a lift, after having placed the order.


At the time of delivery it is necessary:

1) That the package is intact, undamaged and in any case compliant with the standard characteristics of a package;

2) That the number of packages (number of packages) indicated on the delivery document corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;

Before accepting the goods from the courier, it is necessary to CAREFULLY CHECK THE INTEGRITY OF THE PACKAGING AND THE QUANTITY OF PACKAGES.

In the event that the package is damaged, broken, wet, crushed or in any case you notice that it is not compliant, it IS NECESSARY to put on the carrier's receipt the words "I ACCEPT WITH RESERVE AND A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE TYPE OF NON-CONFORMITY".

If the package is excessively damaged, the courier is not required to deliver but must contact Cardiosox; if it is still delivered and the damage is really excessive, we advise you to refuse the goods.

GENERAL "INSPECTION RESERVES" WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED without a description of the damage.

It is also important to check that the number of packages received corresponds to what is indicated on the carrier's receipt.

In the absence of a SPECIFIC reserve, any transport damage will not be recognized under warranty and will not be reimbursed in any way.

Warning: shipping costs may vary based on the weight/volume of the package and can be viewed for each item in the first step of the cart. This occurs when dealing with so-called "bulky" items where the volume is the predominant factor with respect to the weight.

10. Customer Service

You can request any information through our assistance services.

To request information, write an email to info@cardiosox.it;

For after-sales product assistance: info@cardiosox.it;

Our customer service can be reached by telephone at +39 3889569212

The customer service offices are open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00

11. Right of withdrawal

1) You have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within fourteen (14) working days, starting from the day of receipt of the products purchased on Cardiosox.it.

2) To withdraw from the contract you must send a specific written communication in the following ways :

e-mail: resi@cardiosox.it

Filling out the return form or

fax: + 39 030 2693823 or

Email: resi@cardiosox.it

3) In this case, you must return the products to the Vendor within fourteen (14) working days from when you received the products.

4) The only expenses you will have to bear are those for returning the purchased products.

5) The Right of Withdrawal - in addition to compliance with the terms and methods described in the previous points 1), 2), 3) and 4) of this Right of Withdrawal section of the General Conditions of Sale - is understood to be exercised correctly if they are fully also respect the following conditions:

- the Return Form must be correctly completed and sent to the Seller within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of the products;

- the products must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;

- the products must be returned in their original packaging (in the case of audio CDs, books, design objects, designer toys and adult games, the packaging must be sealed as originally; if you want to return a kit, you must return all the items which compose it);

- the returned products must be sent to the Seller in a single shipment. In fact, the Seller reserves the right not to accept goods from the same order, returned and shipped at different times;

- returned products must be returned within fourteen (14) working days from the date you received the products.

- there is no right of withdrawal for food products, underwear and personalized and/or made-to-measure products.

6) If the Right of Withdrawal is exercised following the methods and terms indicated in this paragraph, the Seller will refund any sums already collected for the purchase of the products or acknowledge the possibility for the customer of a voucher purchase of the same amount that can be spent within 1 (one) year from the date of withdrawal (where shipments are free for shipments of the same volume and/or weight).

7) The sums will be refunded to you in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Seller became aware of the exercise of your right of withdrawal, we will activate the refund procedures, once the correct execution of the terms and conditions indicated above has been verified, as indicated in paragraph 5.

8) If the methods and terms for exercising your right of withdrawal are not respected, as specified in this paragraph, you will not be entitled to a refund of the sums already paid to the Seller; however, you will be able to get back, at your expense, the products in the state in which they were returned to the Seller. Otherwise, the Seller will be able to keep the products, in addition to the sums already paid for their purchase.

12. Right of Guarantee

a) With the exception of clothing, footwear and articles pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 ("Consumer Code"), all products on sale on this site are covered by the 24-month legal guarantee.

b) The date of purchase shown in the accompanying document is the proof. If said document is absent or lost, it may be requested from Cardiosox.it.

c) Cardiosox.it, on the basis of the 24-month legal guarantee, is liable towards the consumer (the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity carried out) for non - conformity defects found at the time of purchase .

d) The lack of conformity exists when the product is not suitable for the use for which it must normally serve, does not conform to the description or does not possess the qualities promised by the seller, does not offer the usual qualities and performance of a good of the same type, it is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer if brought to the attention of the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by the seller (Article 129 of the Consumer Code).

e) The lack of conformity which occurs within 24 months from the date of purchase of the goods must be reported within 2 months following the date of discovery of the defect.

f) Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that the lack of conformity which occurs within 6 months of delivery of the goods already existed on that date. In the event of a lack of conformity , the consumer has the right to restore the conformity of the goods, free of charge, by repair or replacement (Article 130 of the Consumer Code). The consumer can ask, at his choice, the seller to repair the goods or to replace them, free of charge in both cases, unless the requested remedy is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other.

g) One of the two remedies is to be considered excessively onerous if it imposes unreasonable expenses on the seller compared to the other, taking into account:

1) the value that the goods would have if there were no lack of conformity ;

2) of the extent of the lack of conformity ;

3) of the possibility that the alternative remedy can be carried out without significant inconvenience for the consumer.

4) Repairs or replacements must be made within a reasonable period of the Consumer's request. If within the maximum term of 60 days Cardiosox.it is not able to return the repaired product, the consumer may request one of the alternative remedies (replacement, termination of the contract, price reduction).

5) Cardiosox.it will send the product for any repairs to the Technical Assistance Center authorized by the Manufacturer.

6) Damage caused by misuse is not guaranteed.

7) Parts subject to wear are not guaranteed if the damage is attributable to normal use.

8) Unless otherwise indicated, the guarantee is void if the product is used in gyms and public facilities.

13. How to exercise the right of Legal Guarantee

a) Contact Customer Service by email or telephone who will be at your disposal to provide you with any information;

b) Where indicated for fitness equipment, it is possible and recommended to contact the manufacturer directly.

c) Prepare the product for shipment by packing it carefully without omitting any accessories, the instruction manual and everything originally contained in the product packaging;

d) The Courier will collect the product. Your eventual unavailability at the time of collection and/or a telephone contact from the Courier or Cardiosox.it Customer Service could be the cause of a delay in the collection of the product and in the consequent intervention times. No responsibility can be attributed to Cardiosox.it for delays due to your omissions.

14. Replacement

a) Cardiosox.it acknowledges the possibility of replacing the product ordered exclusively for issues of size and/or color in footwear and clothing and model in the case of fitness equipment.

b) Receipt of the correct product: if the product received corresponds to the one actually ordered by the customer, the replacement of the product with the same product but with revised size and/or color is permitted.

The customer will have to bear the costs of returning the product and returning it.

If the item received corresponds to the model ordered, the replacement of the product with another fitness product of equal and/or higher value is permitted.

The customer will have to bear the costs of returning the product and reshipment as well as any financial integrations.

c) Wrong product received: if there is no match in size and/or color between the product ordered and the one received, Cardiosox.it will request one or more photos documenting the discrepancy .

d) In case of replacement, where it is necessary to collect the product, the customer is required to carefully disassemble and pack the goods, returning the goods as received.

Cardiosox.it will immediately activate the replacement of the item.

If the item received does not match the one purchased, Cardiosox.it will ask for one or more photos documenting the discrepancy . The photos will be sent to ???

15. Collection of used items (WEEE)

a) Cardiosox.it provides for the collection of second-hand items as required by DM 65/2010 art.1 paragraph 1. More information

16. Reimbursement times and methods

a) After returning the products, Cardiosox.it carries out the necessary checks relating to the conformity of the same with the conditions and terms indicated in the right of withdrawal as illustrated in these General Conditions of Sale.

b) Whichever method of payment you used, Cardiosox.it will undertake to make the refund within the shortest time possible and in any case within thirty (30) days from the date on which Cardiosox.it became aware of the exercise of your right of withdrawal after verifying the correct execution of your right of withdrawal and acceptance of the returned products.

c) If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the products indicated in the order form and the person who paid the sums due for their purchase, the refund of the sums, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, will be executed by Cardiosox.it, in any case, towards the person who made the payment.

17. Changes, additions and updates

a) Cardiosox.it reserves the right to make changes, additions and updates whenever it deems it appropriate and/or on the occasion of regulatory changes.

b) The new General Conditions of Sale will be considered in force and effective on the date of publication on www.cardiosox.it